December Nostalgia

It looks like this is now becoming a thing with me and writing down my memories of things that I loved as a child or as a teenager, which unfortunately makes me appear older than I am (other than the items I am referencing).  Today’s trip takes us to another nostalgic object that really helped shape the me of today, it is a toy of sorts and I am not sure how many people will jump up beside me and say “Wow, I remember getting one of those.” but hey…  This is about my experiences.

As a kid I didn’t have much in the way of influence towards the geek side, mostly I had a Radio Shack® on the main street of my quaint little town and it wasn’t like any of the fancy and organized stores of today, it was the local electronics repair shop, automotive audio, and all around fixit place.  You would walk in and never in a million years think this is the type of store a kid would love to come in.  Matter of fact I don’t think I had seen more than two people at time while I was in there myself…  Anyhow one day I had popped in and there she was, the most awesome thing I had ever seen.

The Science Fair 60 in One Electronics Lab.  I don’t remember if it was the jump into the unknown or if it was that it had a motor, but I do remember that it had a light that shown down from above and was accompanied by a choir of angelic voices.  Of course memories aren’t always what we make them out to be it most likely was sitting under a display lamp and that the owner loved the local hymns radio channel, none the less I knew at that time that it was what I wanted.  Now growing up I had a paper route and would mow extra lawns in the summer to earn my money but just like any other kids during those days my ability to save for what I wanted was crap.  I would get $20 bucks and hit the arcade and the penny candy store before I realized I didn’t save to get this thing.  Fortunately I was able to whine and cry for about 8 months or so to make sure I could get it at the one time of year we all get the “unexpected” gifts.

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